Other Program

AICST 2015 

Other Program 

 Call for industry promotion and presentation
Call for university promotion and presentation 
Call for exhibition of various crafts from Indonesia 

Total Programs and Events of The 7th ACIKITA Annual Seminar 2015

Various tips: how to get a scholarship to study abroad, how to survive while studying abroad, and also how to know more about overseas education system. Presentation will be given by all Indonesian participants who have successfully pursued their higher education in various countries (Japan, Germany, Holland, UK, etc). For this year, the seminar will be held in 16 cities in Indonesia. 


 2. ACIKITA Education Fair for University/Laboratory Promotion (Call for university/laboratory promotion). 
We invite various universities to offer presentation about the organization, facilities, the application procedure for entrance, the availability of scholarships that can be applied by prospective foreign students, the campus life, and etc. Some universities support highly capable students to apply post graduate programs such as master and even doctoral students.


3. Company Promotion and recruitment (Call for company promotion). 
We invite various company (include foreign companies) to offer presentation to let the participants know more about your company as well as the job opportunity. Many graduated from universities in Indonesian and overseas need the job.


 4. ACIKITA Indonesian Fair (AIF). Now, we are creating 3 locations of AIF;  The first is in Shiawase no Mura, Kobe, Japan (May 2-3, 2015), the second is when the event of AICST (August 25-27, Wes Sumatera, Indonesia) and the last in  Netherlands (Denhaaq). For the detail program of AIF, you can visit www.indonesianfair.acikita.org. Let's join us!

5. The launch of the new book of ACIKITA.

6. Tour and visit the unique places in the West Sumatera.