Paper Guideline

AICST 2015

Full Paper & Poster Submission Deadline is 
July 25, 2015

Authoring Guideline

Paper should be written in English.

Paper should be an original result of research or concise communication and review (depending on editorial board request).

Submitted paper should never been published or in publishing process in any other journal, proceeding and a kind of scientific media.

Recognized files
Papers are only recognized if they are saved as Microsoft Office Word files (*doc, *docx, *rtf).

As paper is a MS Word file, the following layout items must be satisfied: 
  • Using A4 paper size (210 mm x 297 mm, 70 or 80 g)
  • Using double spaces of line height
  • Using the Times New Roman 12 pt font
  • Using 30 mm of page margin applied to all edges maximum length. Total words count should not exceeding 3000 words.


Single paper comprises title, author name(s), abstract, introduction, material and method, result and discussions, conclusion, acknowledgement and references. Details:

must represent the core idea of entire paper and the text should be transformed to UPPERCASE

Author name(s)
must be written without any title embedded (base name) and the text should be transformed to bold. Institution names should be written a line after the name(s). Complete correspondence or email address can be inserted as footnote. 
For students of university, we recommend you to include your supervisor name on the abstract/paper.  We can not accept the paper from the single author of student. 

should be a short summary of the paper content, consisting of single paragraph, not exceeding 200 words, and written in English. Under the abstract, two to five keywords must be included. Keywords will facilitate editors to characterize and classify the paper.

Each figure must be indexed by number and has a caption under it.

Each table must also be indexed by number and has a caption over it.

must be written at the end of paper. Each reference item is numbered regarding its order of appearance in the paper. Content ,or particular sentence, which refers to certain reference item must be written by inserting item’s number at the content’s end in superscript style.

Reference item of a journalconsists of author name(s), article title, journal name, volume, page, year
example: Safni, T. Takeuchi, and T. Miwa, Application of microcolumn ion chromatography using anion-exchangers modified with dextran sulfate for determination of alkali and alkaline-earth metal ions, J. Chromatogr B., 753: 409-412, (2001).

Reference item of a bookconsists of author name(s), book’s title, editors, name and address of publisher, year, volume, page number and end of chapter.
example: D. W. Mount, Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure, Bioinformatics: sequence and genome analysis, (Ed: Judy C) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York, 2000, 205-236.

Reference item of a web page, consists of author name(s), article’s title, complete URL, date of access.example: Ben Best, General Antioxidant Actions,, 13/6/2006

click here for the paper's template

Full paper and Complete files must be addressed to email:

If you submit paper without the above requirements, we are so sorry to reject it. 


All accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of conferences, and selected papers will be published in high qualified scientific journals in Indonesia.