Poster Session

AICST 2015

Poster Session

Types of posters
Posters will be based on original research papers which focus on science and technology
The contributed studies that will have a poster during the AICST will be selected by the scientific committee based on the abstract submitted by the presenting author.


Those interested in having a poster during the AICST must submit an abstract of 250 words maximum 
by the 25th of July via email :
The abstract(s) will be used for the proceedings of the AICST.
• One page of your poster should be submitted in pdf file by the 25th of July, 2015. The poster consists of abstract; background; method; results including picture, table and graph, conclusion; and references

Guidelines for poster production

The printed poster maximum size is 70 cm Horizontal x 120 cm Vertical.
Stands for the posters will be provided by the organizer of the conference.

Poster competition

There will be a poster competition after each poster session.
The posters will be judged by a group of three experts. The judges will be announced on the first day of the conference.
All participants will receive a certificate for poster presentation.

For queries and further information please send an e-mail to the AICST Secretariat